Blog Post #3: Teaching Perspectives and Technology (Week 3 Assessment EDDL 5111)

For this week’s blog post, we were asked to consider how my use of technology is reflected in my TPI results.

This are my TPI results:

As you can see, my two dominant perspectives are nurturing and developmental. So how do these two influence my use of technology in the classroom?

Reading the review by Tondeur et. al. (2017), I would classify my teacher beliefs to fall under student-centered beliefs, which “tend to emphasize individual student needs and interests…and typically adopt classroom practices associated with constructivism and/or social constructivism.” Being a constructivist teacher, it’s no surprise that the review found that those who are more student-centered “tend to be highly active technology users” (Tondeur et. al., 2017).

Comparing my TPI results, I found that description of student-centered learning aligns with the description of the developmental teaching perspective: “effective teaching must be planned and conducted from the learner’s point of view” (Pratt & Collins, 2020). And like the developmental perspective, student-centered teachers value the development of complex cognitive structures, and see technology “as a means to help students develop higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills” (Tondeur et. al., 2017). The nurturing teaching perspective believes that “effective teaching…comes from the heart, not the head” and “promoting a climate of care and trust…[while] provid[ing] care and support with clear expectations” (Pratt & Collins, 2020). In Tondeur’s (2017) review, these views also align with the student-centered perspective. Care of the student is most important and technology offers many opportunities for accessibility to amplify that culture of care. 

Comparing these two resources and then reflecting on my own practice, it’s no surprise that I show an eagerness to embrace new technology in my classroom.

Pratt, D.D. & Collins, J.B. (2020) “The five perspectives.” Teaching perspectives inventory. [ Retrieved: October 2, 2021]

Tondeur, J., van Braak, J., Ertmer, P., & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, A. (2017). Understanding the relationship between teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and technology use in education: A systematic review of qualitative evidenceEducational Technology Research and Development, 65(3), 555–575. doi: 10.1007/s11423-016-9481-2

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