Exploring Digital Solutions (EDDL 5101 Assignment 3)

Check out the PowerPoint presentation outlining my exploration of journaling and online discussion technology for my literature circle unit.


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Great presentation Anna! It was visually appealing. I appreciate your comment about taking into account the students access to this technology at home. We often take for granted that students will have access to computers and the internet after school but it’s not always the case. It is important to have a back-up plan (you mentioned learning to work off-line) for those students.

Hi Anna
Thanks for the great overview of google classroom. Although I have used google docs and slides, I was unaware of all of the extra features you outlined. As a teacher working in alternative education, the accessibility features you mentioned in google classroom appealed to me. I agree with Karine, your discussion of student access to computers at home is very relevant, especially these days as multiple members of the family may be working from home, needing both hardware and bandwidth.

Thanks again for your video.

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